One- and multispan greenhouses have optimal parameters which makes the basis of sucess in running plant production.

The essential advantages include: great capacity, effective ventilation, appropriate light dispersion, endurance and ability to adapt to various kinds of cultivated plants.

There have been designed appropriate models suitable for carrying loads caused by snow or wind. The use of strengthened, secured by patent, new gutter and an increase of construction stiffness made it possible to apply greater post spacing which is now 2,5m on outer walls and 5,0m inside.

Why our tunnels are the best:

1. Tunnel’s capacity is a function of height to ridge and height to gutter. Our blocks, whose naves are 8m and 9,6m wide, are up to 6,5m to ridge and 4m to gutter high.

2. Inner space determines easy movement and ergonomics at work. In our blocks, which are 9,6m wide, the space between the posts inside is 5m, which gives a module size of 48m².

3. Maximum use of light inside the tunnel determines maximization of plant production. Thanks to girder spacing, every 2,5m, gothic arches in our tunnels just slightly limit the access of light. Moreover, the shapes of the arches determine the flow of condensing steam to the gutter.

4. Anticorrosion protection. All steel elements of the tunnel, which are in contact with outside conditions, are made of Sendzimir steel Z 450 (zinc thickness).

5. The pace of construction installation is an important economic factor. Owing to the applied post spacing, our 9,6m blocks reduce the number of necessary operations during the installation.

6. Adaptation possible for every kind of plant cultivation. Our props for high plants were designed to satisfy all our clients’ needs.

7. Construction endurance. Endurance and strength of the construction is a guarantee of durability and solidity. Our 9,6m blocks are equipped in doubly strengthened posts 80×80. The option of gutter beam causes meaningful increase of endurance in comparison to traditional gutter.